We are participating in Elecrama 2023

We are pleased to announce that Tor IoT Solutions will participate in the 15th edition of Elecrama 2023, the world’s largest electrical and allied electronics show. This year, the expo is scheduled to be held from 18th to 22nd February at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, New Delhi, showcasing the latest state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of the best quality services for total energy and utility management of your establishments. Tor IoT Solutions is a Digital Transformation Company that provides Industrial IoT solutions across several industrial sectors and aims to assist our clients in unlocking untapped business potential.

Meet us at Hall. No. 14, Booth: H14.A32, Lower Level, and explore how our advanced and tailor-made digital transformation solution, Tor, can empower you and your businesses.

You can just fill-up the form or email us at contactus@kloudq.com to schedule a meeting. 

Energy & Utilities Management Use Cases

Energy and Water monitoring for Hospitals

Energy and Water monitoring for Hospitals

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Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing Industry

Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing Industry

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Foundry Energy Management

Foundry Energy Management

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Energy Cost

Get your energy cost down by 20%

Unlock energy savings by:

  • Segregating loads by sections, machine types, etc., and finding energy hotspots
  • Identifying power quality improvements
  • Auditing digital real-time energy consumption logs
Ease of deployment and usage

Energy management with quick and easy deployment

  • Plug and play module with energy meter library
  • Easy front-end configuration with single-line diagram and energy meters mapping
  • Granular reports of energy consumption for guiding energy efficiency initiatives
  • Preconfigured to send alerts in case of parameter deviations
  • Patented Shield Insights to provide oversight across assets
Specific Energy Consumption visibility

Get specific energy consumption of your production facility in real-time

  • Get energy consumption data for your production line at the shop level, line level, or machine level
  • Plan efficiency intervention to minimize energy costs
Utilities management

Complete visibility of energy, water & fuel consumption with Tor Shield

Tor Shield Utility Management System

  • Remotely track the energy, water, and fuel consumption of your manufacturing facility

  • Drive your sustainability goals with ease

  • Highly modular, scalable, and cost-effective
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Monitor and manage your construction fleet with ease to improve traceability and productivity.


Get complete insight into utility equipment like Energy, Genset, Water & HVAC functions and monitor their real-time status, resource consumption & maintenance schedules.

Electric Vehicle

Oversee real-world performance and utilization of your EV fleet in near real-time with our all-in-one solution.

Mining and Contracting

Track your heavy equipment movement with ease and manage your construction site with our in-depth reporting.


Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.

Warehouse and Logistics

Gain complete control of your entire fleet to improve productivity.


Monitor your Genset in real-time for improved efficiency and customised service through our end-to-end solution.


Digitalize your operations to improve product quality and reduce cost.


Manage overall asset health, function and performance efficiency in real-time through our end-to-end customised solution.


Understand the energy consumption pattern of the most important loads of your foundry including the melt shop.

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