Capacitive Fuel Probe

Edge Gateway Accessories 

Expandable Memory upto 64MB

On Chip Memory – min 2MB

Expandable Memory upto 64MB

On Chip Memory – min 2MB


Fuel Level information


+/- 1%




The capacitive fuel probe is used for accurate fuel consumption measurement. The probe has an error of +/-1%. There are standard libraries available as part of the Tor platform that can convert the level information provided by the sensor to consumption information. The fuel probe has an optional display.

Frequently Asked Questions

The accuracy of the probe is 99%.

The probe should be used for fuel measurements only. A minimum margin of 15 mm should be maintained between the base of the tank and the end of the fuel probe. The probe should be placed as close to the centre of the tank as possible. It should be ensured that the water content in fuel is within the standard specified limits. The probe requires multipoint calibration and is site cuttable.

The fuel probe is wireless, it has an IP level of IP 69 and communicates over BLE. It has an internal battery with a life of 7 years.

The fuel needs to be level for accurate measurement. The readings will have a deviation if measured on an incline.